Mako's Water Taxi

Mako's Water Taxi is just that-an affordable way of getting from Homer to the many interesting destinations across the bay, from hiking and camping hotspots in Kachemak Bay State Park to the charming village of Seldovia. The service basically runs year-round during daylight hours; you just schedule the drop-off and pick-up times.

One of the most popular trips Mako offers is the 30 – minute ride to Glacier Spit, in beautiful Kachemak Bay State Park, for an easy 4.5-mile hike to Glacier Lake. Begin your adventure at Rusty's Lagoon, a great spot for tidepooling. The trail heads through the woods, which open up to a glacial moraine with a wonderful vista of mountain and ice. Follow the well-maintained, well-traveled trail to the lake where Grewingk Glacier calves icebergs. A short backtrack connects you to the Saddle Trail. Once there, you're just a mile from your pickup point, which is set in a secluded, protected cove. Take your time and it will be about 5 hours. You may also choose to camp overnight at Rusty's Lagoon, or backpack in and camp on the beach at Glacier Lake. This hike is doable for most any age and fitness level, though not wheelchair-accessible. Privies are available at the trailhead and the lake.

See Kachemak Bay by air, land, and sea on a trip to the historic Alaska fishing community of Seldovia. Zip across the bay with Mako, cruising through Eldred Passage and around the Herring Islands to the Jakolof Bay dock; you may get up-close views of sea otters, whales, and a wide variety of birds. At the dock, a cab will meet you for the 12-mile drive into town. Pay a visit to St. Nicholas Church, still standing after a hundred years. Shop around, stroll along the boardwalk, and grab a bite to eat. For an additional charge, cruise around town or hit the trails on a mountain bike. You'll fly back to Homer on Smokey Bay Air, enjoying incredible views of the surrounding glaciers. From the airport, a cab will take you back out to the Spit.

For most taxi rides, tip your skipper and he'll take you (as time allows) past Gull Island, home to a nesting colony of over 15,000 birds. The boat gets so close that you could practically touch the gulls-not to mention the murres, cormorants, puffins, and other species.

Details: No experience necessary. No minimum age requirement.