Farther up the slope from the corral are the remnants of an old railroad trestle. The roundabout—a large circular platform where the last segment of rail would pivot 180 degrees to point the engine back toward town—is fast
 disappearing beneath 
the willows. Railroad
 construction began 
in Nome the summer 
of 1900. By 1906 the
 track stretched 80
 miles to the Kuzitrin
 River. Like many other
 residents, the world 
famous musher 
Leonhard Seppala ran 
his dog team along
t he tracks using a 
small railroad car, 
called a “pupmobile.”
Besides servicing gold operations in the Kougarok Mining District, the railway opened land up to local residents for sightseeing, hunting, and fishing, much as the road does today.

Getting There

Latitude: 64.6445
Longitude: -165.30723
Driving Directions