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Difficulty: Moderate

The trail is con­sid­ered between easy and mod­er­ate in dif­fi­cul­ty. The Otter-bahn is a dirt trail that winds through old-growth spruce for­est and has exposed roots and rocks through­out its length. There are just a few mod­er­ate inclines, but oth­er­wise is a fair­ly flat trail. Local school chil­dren built the trail some twen­ty years ago.

The Rocky Ridge Trail is one of the most well used — and well-devel­oped — trails in the Sel­dovia area. The whole trail, which makes a loop, only takes about two hours to hike, and from here you’re with­in walk­ing dis­tance of any spot in town. There are two trail­heads: one behind the air­port and anoth­er three quar­ters of a mile out of town, on Rocky St. If you do the full loop, it’s a mod­er­ate-to-dif­fi­cult hike, but you can also make it an…  ...more