The Otter Bahn



The Otter-bahn trailhead is located behind the school just at the edge of the last parking lot behind the gym. It is a well marked trailhead with a large sign. The trail is considered between easy and moderate in difficulty. The Otter-bahn is a dirt trail that winds through old-growth spruce forest and has exposed roots and rocks throughout its length. There are just a few moderate inclines, but otherwise is a fairly flat trail. Local school children built the trail some twenty years ago.

Following the trail from the school leads one across a foot-bridge over a wetland that becomes inundated with salt water on the highest tides of the month. From this bridge it is just a short walk to
the beach and ocean. This is Outside Beach and if the tide is low one may hike across the inlet to Trina Lake. This inlet bisects the beach just to the west of the pavilion and is shallow enough to cross on a low tide but impassable on a high tide. A round trip can be made when you cross the inlet and walk the roadway back to town past the cemetery. However if the tide is in you will have to return across the wetland bridge to the school parking lot.

Getting There

Latitude: 59.442855
Longitude: -151.713887
Driving Directions