Girdwood Bicycle Day Tours

Rent a bike and explore Girdwood’s forests. If you’re up for a scenic ride, the Bird to Gird trail winds its way alongside picturesque Turnagain Arm. Or rent a bike rack, drive to Portage Valley, and embark on the exhilarating Trail of Blue Ice. For more information on the remarkable bike trails in the Girdwood area, visit our Girdwood Area Bike Trails page.

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Bicycle Day Tours

Season: Year Round $15+ per hour | $40+ per day 1+ hrs

In the win­ter, Pow­der Hound is filled with all kinds of the lat­est ski equip­ment in tod­dler to adult sizes. You can ski in and out, and will find boots, ski, jack­ets, gog­gles, hel­mets and more. Skiers may howl when the snow leaves, but Pow­der Hound can deck you out with essen­tial items that will keep you com­fort­able and busy all sum­mer. They offer all types of bike rentals, from hybrid style tour­ing bikes to all moun­tain and down­hill bikes. You  ...more

Season: June - September $60+ Bike & Gear Rental

Rent a moun­tain bike (and all the body armor you need) for a thrilling, two-wheel ride down Mt. Alyeska. Lessons and tours of the route are offered. Or, go for a hike on one of the many area trails, either with a guide or on your own. You can even strap on some cram­pons and go trekking on a glacier.