Photo Credit: AK Paddlesports

Anchorage Stand Up Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding near Anchorage? You bet! Rent top-of-the-line equipment, venture out onto calm waters (such as Fire Lake and Beach Lake), and paddle at your own pace. You can even take a helicopter ride to a remote glacier and paddle on blue melt pools that lie amid the sparkling ice!

Kayaking and Paddleboarding

Season: Mid May– Early September $30+ day rentals 1+ day rentals

Whether it’s kayak­ing, canoe­ing, or pad­dle­board­ing, you’ll find top-flight equip­ment for rent at AK Paddlesports

Season: Year Round $329+ 1.5+ hrs

Glac­i­er trekking, kayak­ing, ice climb­ing, and oth­er activ­i­ties are even more spe­cial when com­bined with a spec­tac­u­lar heli­copter ride through Alaska’s dra­mat­ic scenery. Thanks to key part­ner­ships with oth­er expe­ri­enced Alaskan tour oper­a­tors, Palmer based Out­bound Heli Adven­tures is able to coor­di­nate seam­less out­ings of a life­time! And, they pride them­selves on offer­ing the most amount of flight time with their excursions.

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