When to Visit Tenakee Springs

Although visitors to Tenakee were first drawn to its hot springs as a balm during long Alaskan winters, locals say the very best time to visit is in summer. The weather’s better, and fishing and wildlife viewing opportunities abound. (Salmon are running, whales are feeding, and bears are fattening up for winter.)

The small town also livens up a bit, with an influx of retirees returning from winter hideaways, and others coming to work in the fishing industry.

Flower gardens are in full bloom, and vegetable gardens are producing lovely beets, carrots, kale and more (you’ll find both fresh veggies and cut flowers at the local Farmer’s Market.)

And, one more note: the local bakery closes down in the winter. For some, missing out on their “world-famous” home-made cinnamon rolls would be a certain disappointment!


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