Traveling to Elfin Cove

Located on the northwest end of Chichagof Island, across from Glacier Bay National Park, Elfin Cove is only accessible by floatplane or boat.

How you get here depends on your schedule, flexibility and willingness to put in some time for creative options:

  • Easy and convenient: Catch a regular Alaska Seaplanes flight from Juneau (3 times daily in the summer)
  • Getting creative: Take the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry from Juneau to Gustavus or Pelican. Pre-arrange for a charter boat from Elfin Cove to pick you up in Gustavus for the short trip to Elfin Cove.
  • Mix and match: Fly in, ferry out! As noted above, you’ll have to get to Gustavus or Pelican to catch the ferry back to Juneau. You do get to experience a little more of Alaska this way, seeing the misty southeastern islands both from the air and from the water.
  • Independent route: Many adventurers explore the coastline of Chichagof Island and nearby areas in their own boats or kayaks. These kinds of trips take advance planning and know-how, but give you flexibility to stay in one place longer, or to discover hidden coves and hot fishing spots.


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