Dwarf Fireweed Epilobium latifolium

Epilobium latifolium
Onagraceae/Evening Primrose Family

As its name suggests, Dwarf Fireweed is a small version of its taller relative Common Fireweed (E. angustifolium). Dwarf Fireweed grows in gravelly places along streams or river bars and on scree slopes in the mountains throughout Alaska. With sprawling stems it can grow up to 20" tall. The leaves are greyish green and are alternate on the stem. The showy bright pink flowers have 4 petals equal in size giving it a very symmetrical appearance. Another common name is River Beauty which is very fitting when you see where and how beautifully it blooms.

Epilobium is from Greek epi, "upon", and lobos, "a pod" because the flowers appear to grow out of the top of a capsule.


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