Partridgefoot/Alpine Spirea

Luetkea pectinata
Rosaceae/Rose Family

Partridgefoot (aka Alpine Spirea) grows in sub-alpine heaths and alpine slopes. Most of the leaves are crowded at the base and are fine and ferny. Smaller dissected leaves continue up the flowering stem. The tiny, white flowers have 5 petals and are clustered atop the stem.

The genus Luetkea commemorates Court Luetke (1797-1882), a Russian captain and arctic explorer whose expedition circumnavigated the world. The species pectinate comes from "pectinate", meaning "like the teeth of a comb", and refers to the linear leaf segments. "Partridge-foot" refers to the divided leaves, thought to resemble the feet (or their tracks) or grouse or ptarmigan.

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