Angoon Sample Itinerary

If you only have three days in Angoon, be sure to check whale-watching, bear viewing and fishing off your list, along with a stroll through the village and a chat with local residents.

There’s nothing like viewing humpback whales feeding on herring and krill in Chatham Strait, just off shore. You could hike out to Danger Point to watch them, or tell a charter boat captain you’d like to combine a morning of jigging for halibut with whale watching. You might just do both at the same time, if you’re in the right spot!

A day freshwater fishing takes you inland, to glacier-fed streams, in search of salmon and trout. And guess what? The bears and eagles are searching for the same fish, so the chances are high you can cross those off your list while pulling in a beautiful Dolly varden or rainbow. (Watch out – those hungry eagles are sometimes bold enough to snatch them right off the end of your line!)

Finally, we recommend that you do spend some time talking with your hosts – the residents of Angoon, who keep Tlingit traditions alive in this small village. Hear their stories of the 1882 U.S. Naval bombardment of the village, or find out how missing totems and other sacred regalia have made their way back home. Do join a potlatch celebration if invited. Try local foods if offered. You’ll return home knowing that you’ve just made a connection with something very special – a culture that is thousands of years old, and still thriving in one of the most remote and beautiful places on earth.


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