Photo Credit: Duane Baker

Alaska Photography Tips

Why Watch This Video Tutorial?

Whether you’re a novice or semi-pro, you’ll get great photography ideas from this two-part tutorial. Some photography primers can be formulaic or boring—but not this one! Clark offers keen insights and dozens of specific examples of how you can turn an ordinary scene into an extraordinary photo. You'll be inspired to grab your camera and make great photos. You’ll come away with a new way of seeing.

As one of the masters in a state known for its pro photographers, Clark’s been giving this talk to appreciative audiences around Alaska for the past several years. It’s so good, figured it was worth making it into a video for all to see.

About Clark Mishler

Clark Mishler is one of the most sought-after photographers in Alaska—and one of the top assignment photographers in the country. You’ve seen his images in coffee table books and major magazines such as Parade, Geo, Time, National Geographic, and U.S. News & World Report. When magazine editors have got to get the right shot for their story or publication, Clark is one of the first people they call. Study his examples in this video, and you’ll see why.

The Elements of Photography


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