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Traveler Services

(907) 2662437 — South Ter­mi­nal; (907) 2662657 — North Terminal

Charges are per bag, per day depend­ing on size. Fish box­es, etc. are also charged per box, per day depend­ing on size. There is no lim­it as to length items may be stored. Pas­sen­gers must present an air­line tick­et or board­ing pass in order to use this service.

Your best ref­er­ence for deter­min­ing if an item is allow­able is to vis­it the TSA Web­site which specif­i­cal­ly out­lines what can and can­not be tak­en on your flight.

A free air­port shut­tle bus takes pas­sen­gers to the South (Domes­tic) Ter­mi­nal, North (Inter­na­tion­al) Ter­mi­nal and Rental Car Facil­i­ty dai­ly, every 15 min­utes. Air­port shut­tle bus ser­vice to/​from the Park, Ride & Fly Lot (i.e. for extend­ed stay park­ing) is pro­vid­ed on-cal­l/on-demand.

Ted Stevens Anchor­age Inter­na­tion­al Air­port (ANC) Lost and Found office is locat­ed next to the pas­sen­ger screen­ing area across from the esca­la­tors. If you lost an item in an ANC ter­mi­nal, park­ing garage, or shut­tle bus, please vis­it our office or call (907) 2662623 for assistance.

The Atwood Mil­i­tary Lounge is open dai­ly from 0800 to 2400. Mil­i­tary I.D. is required. Snacks, drinks and a play­room for chil­dren are avail­able. For more infor­ma­tion call (907) 2482535 or email asymcalounge@​yahoo.​com.

Mil­i­tary per­son­nel may request trans­porta­tion to Fort Richard­son or Elmen­dorf Air Force Base 24 hours per day.

Whether you want a stress-unwind­ing mas­sage before or after your flight — or a quick hair and nails upgrade, this spa offers a lit­tle oasis of calm amidst Ted Stevens Inter­na­tion­al Air­port — with treat­ments start­ing at just $35.

Park­ing at Ted Stevens Anchor­age Inter­na­tion­al Air­port is pro­vid­ed by Repub­lic Park­ing. Cred­it and Check cards are now accept­ed as pay­ment for park­ing fees at the Airport.

Ted Stevens Anchor­age Inter­na­tion­al Air­port offers out­door pet relief areas at both ter­mi­nals. Signs pro­vid­ing direc­tions to these areas can be found on the curb­side adja­cent the bag­gage claim doors.

Sky­cap ser­vices are not cur­rent­ly offered by any air­line; how­ev­er, porter ser­vices are avail­able to all pas­sen­gers on the depar­ture lev­el at the South Terminal.

Smok­ing is per­mit­ted in des­ig­nat­ed smok­ing areas on the com­mer­cial curb of the South Ter­mi­nal and North Terminal.

Taxi­cabs are avail­able at both Ter­mi­nals of the Ted Stevens Anchor­age Inter­na­tion­al Airport.

Please check with your spe­cif­ic air­line’s tick­et counter cus­tomer ser­vice agent to request wheel­chair ser­vice for depart­ing flights.

For your con­ve­nience, this ameni­ty is being offered free-of-charge and is our way of wel­com­ing you to the airport.