Sitka was Alaska's first official Bike-Friendly Community, and it shows. Bike lanes and racks abound. Besides 14 miles of paved roads, there are many mountain biking trails, and even a new, single-track route of the intimate experience of riding through old-growth forest.

For road riders, there are wide shoulders, and traffic limited to 45 mph. The ocean views are endlessly distracting. Younger riders will appreciate the multipurpose path that runs for seven miles, from Sitka National Historical Park (at Jeff Davis Street) to the Sawmill Creek Bridge. Caution: Whales may be present!

There's more to see - including mountain lookouts over the ocean - on gravel roads and trails, so rent or bring a mountain bike for the full experience.

The staff at Yellow Jersey Cycle Shop can rent you a bike and provide suggestions of rides that match your liking and experience. The Sitka Cycling Club website, and the U.S. Forest Service website have additional information about rides.

Here's a sample of some good ones:

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Bike Trail Points

Opened in May 2020, this one-way, loop trail gives moun­tain bik­ers a chance to zip through for­est in close prox­im­i­ty to trees and nature. Built for rid­ers with dif­fer­ent lev­els of abil­i­ty, it’s not par­tic­u­lar­ly dif­fi­cult in terms of hills or curves. The trail includes banked turns to help cyclists reg­u­late their speed.

This grav­el, moun­tain­side ride that skirts down­town is 3.8 miles long one-way, from the Indi­an Riv­er to Har­bor Moun­tain Road. The Trail is a ten-foot wide inter­modal path (run­ners and hik­ers, too) with some chal­leng­ing climbs and thrilling descents, beau­ti­ful bridges and streams, and one stun­ning waterfall.

This 14-mile round-trip starts at Her­ring Cove and goes to the Green Lake pow­er­house, or to the Green Lake Dam. It’s a traf­fic-free util­i­ty cor­ri­dor on a well-main­tained grav­el road, along the shore of Sil­ver Bay, a clas­sic Alaskan fjord. There are usu­al­ly a lot of bear signs on the road, but encoun­ters are rare.

A 5.75-mile climb to a for­mer World War II radar instal­la­tion on a well-main­tained grav­el road. This ride will test anyone’s con­di­tion­ing, but the pay­off is extra­or­di­nary once you top out on the ridge. Oth­er than the two high­ways out of Haines and Skag­way, this is the only road into alpine in South­east Alaska.

For the high­ly adven­tur­ous, this is a 6.5‑mile for­mer log­ging road on Kru­zof Island, about a 25-minute boat ride from Sit­ka. The road begins in Mud Bay and ends at the She­likof Riv­er at Iris Mead­ows. From there it’s anoth­er 1.5‑mile hike on foot across the mead­ows to She­likof Beach, where you’ll find gor­geous black sand and ocean breakers.