Sheenjek River Points

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Sheenjek River Points

The fru­gal will like­ly forego a float­plane pick­up and will go all the way to the Yukon Riv­er and up it a ways to the town of Fort Yukon where com­mer­cial flights are sched­uled in and out. This takes a com­mit­ted group as the last hun­dred miles are a mean­der through the Por­cu­pine and Yukon Flats. The Sheen­jek will take you to the Por­cu­pine Riv­er and then down to near the Yukon Riv­er, where you can go up the Suck­er Riv­er to a point near town.

Take out here and catch a reg­u­lar com­mer­cial air­line flight to Fairbanks.

From Fair­banks you can get to the riv­er by fly­ing a com­mer­cial flight to either Fort Yukon or Arc­tic Vil­lage, where a char­ter flight must be arranged to take you in to the riv­er put in. From Fort Yukon the flight in is slight­ly longer than from Arc­tic Vil­lage and from both the flight is quite scenic as you fly up the val­ley into the Brooks Range. From either of these two start­ing points you can go all the way to the river’s head­wa­ters in a…  ...more

You can arrange to be picked up by wheel plane from a grav­el strip at the con­flu­ence with the Koness Riv­er, 108 miles below Last Lake. By going past the Koness Riv­er you are resigned to hav­ing a float­plane pick you up at a point in the low­er reach­es of the Sheen­jek or at the con­flu­ence with the Por­cu­pine Riv­er. This needs to be pre­arranged with your char­ter flight operator.