Headwaters of Sheenjek River

From Fairbanks you can get to the river by flying a commercial flight to either Fort Yukon or Arctic Village, where a charter flight must be arranged to take you in to the river put in. From Fort Yukon the flight in is slightly longer than from Arctic Village and from both the flight is quite scenic as you fly up the valley into the Brooks Range. From either of these two starting points you can go all the way to the river's headwaters in a wheel equipped bush plane. The landing strip here is a gravel outwash plain and is a full quarter of a mile from the river. It is also worth noting that this area is suitable for small boats only and is often blocked by aufeis till well into July, so an early summer trip here is not well advised. This is a site best suited for starting an august trip.

Getting There

Latitude: 69.011087
Longitude: -143.917465
Driving Directions