Humpy Creek Trail Points

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Humpy Creek Trail Points

Difficulty: Moderate

Ele­va­tion Gain: 873 feet Dif­fi­cul­ty: Mod­er­ate Length: 2.8 miles Time: 1 1÷22 hours Going north from the Humpy Creek Trail­head, the trail will skirt along the edge of the high tide line through the grass. Fol­low orange trail ?T?s? along the beach until the trail enters into the woods. BEWARE: The trail sec­tion along the beach may be impass­able at times when the tide exceeds 17 or 18 feet. As the trail climbs into the woods it is stren­u­ous at…  ...more

Difficulty: Moderate Distance: 2 miles Elevation Gain: 72 feet

What a great easy trail! Leave the trail­head and head south across a rus­tic log bridge. Watch pink salmon spawn here in late August and Sep­tem­ber. Enjoy a leisure­ly stroll through the spruce and cot­ton­wood for­est for the first mile. Keep an eye out for mul­ti­ple Bald Eagles rest­ing in the trees after feast­ing on salmon in Humpy Creek. Fol­low rock cairns through the allu­vial flats until the trail?s ter­mi­nus at the Grew­ingk Tram. Take time to…  ...more