Humpy Creek Trail North



Elevation Gain: 873 feet Difficulty: Moderate Length: 2.8 miles Time: 1 1/2-2 hours Going north from the Humpy Creek Trailhead, the trail will skirt along the edge of the high tide line through the grass. Follow orange trail ?T?s? along the beach until the trail enters into the woods. BEWARE: The trail section along the beach may be impassable at times when the tide exceeds 17 or 18 feet. As the trail climbs into the woods it is strenuous at times, but you are rewarded with views back down into Humpy Creek drainage and the glacial flats of Grewingk River. The trail has more rolling features after about a mile. The trail passes the junction for the Emerald Lake Trail and then proceeds downhill for the remaining 1.2 miles into Mallard Bay. This downhill section offers stunning views north to Aurora Lagoon and the Fox River. While hiking this trail you will notice tremendous damage to the forest from the Spruce Bark Beetle. This area is very close to where the beetle first landed in the park and began its devastating process. Great bird watching can be done along the beach on this trail for marine birds as well as small wood dwelling birds.

Getting There

Latitude: 59.654372
Longitude: -151.151233
Driving Directions