Alaska Sea Kayaking Spots with Glacier Ice

Paddling among glacial icebergs is surreal. You can hear the ice crack and fizzle as it melts. In the distance, you hear the deep rumbling of glaciers calving, forming even more icebergs. Bump your kayak against even small, grapefruit-sized bergs, and you'll realize just how dense glacier ice is. Waterfalls cascade off cliffs so high, the water appears to fall in slow motion. There are risks, however, to sea kayaking near icebergs—read our article to learn more.

Not ready to go it alone? Join Chugach Adventures on a day kayak trip on Spencer Lake, where you paddle up to Spencer Glacier, and among the icebergs that have calved off into the lake.

If you are ready, here's a list of the sea kayaking spots in Alaska with glacier ice all around:

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Points of Interest

Icy Bay lives up to its name with an active tide­wa­ter glac­i­er often clog­ging the fjord with ice­bergs. This remote fjord in Prince William Sound is a spe­cial spot for pad­dlers look­ing for spec­tu­lar views of Tiger and Chene­ga Glac­i­er descend­ing into the sea. Beware of tight ice con­di­tions chang­ing with the tide and strong cold kata­bat­ic winds off of the Sar­gent Icefeild.

Fac­ing Beloit Glac­i­er, 17 Mile Lagoon and the near­by Eagle´s Nest beach­es are pop­u­lar beach­es for kayak­ing trips near­by the tide­wa­ter glac­i­ers. This point is easy to find as it lies just on the glac­i­er side of the very shal­low ter­mi­nal moraine of Beloit Glac­i­er on Willard Island.

On the south­west shore of Coghill Lake, on a lagoon just before the Coghill Riv­er, on the east side of Col­lege Fiord in Prince William Sound. Trail is 3 miles.