Wickersham House State Historic Site

This 1898 house was the home of Judge James Wickersham, a legend in Alaska who brought civility and law to the wild gold-rush towns of Eagle, Fairbanks, and Nome. After climbing Denali (Mt McKinley), he also helped lobby for the creation of Denali National Park, and was a force in Washington, where he persuaded the federal government to build universities and railroads in Alaska while giving the territory legal rights. The house was in the Wickersham family until 1984, when the State purchased it. Included in the estate is Wickersham’s written assignment to Alaska, signed by Teddy Roosevelt. Today the house, with its photos, furnishings, and other memorabilia is a glimpse into the frontier days of Alaska. For visitor information call 907-586-9001.

Getting There

213 7th Street
Juneau, AK 99801
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