Walk Across The Railroad Bridge



Stand on the beach at Talkeetna Riverfront Park and you may notice folks fishing on the point across the river. You can get there too. Start by walking up the Talkeetna river and crossing over the massive railroad bridge. Imagine yourself back in the 1920s; Talkeetna was the most populous city in Alaska, and the Railroad commission chose it to be the headquarters for building the rail line between Seward and Anchorage. The bridge was completed in 1923 and existed before the Parks Highway (Alaska Route 3), which wasn't completed until 1971. Today, the bridge is just wide enough for the 4-wheelers used by local homesteaders. On the other side, you'll see a path on the left going straight down. Follow it out onto the sandbar and walk across a log to access the point. Want a mid-walk detour? When you get to the middle of the bridge, if you're very brave, crawl down the pillars, past the graffiti that chronicles Talkeetna's young lovers, to the mini sandbar below; it's quite a thrill to stand there while the powerful river rushes by you on both sides. This detour is not advised unless you have the arm strength to make it back up onto the bridge!

Getting There

Latitude: 62.326433
Longitude: -150.116715
Driving Directions