View of Wrangell Mountains MP 13

Don’t miss this view. It spans 360 degrees, as though you can see forever. The dwarf birch and willow and brush undulates shades of green, with lone spruce dotting the hills. The highway winds through, but the ribbon of asphalt seems abandoned, with long minutes between passing cars and trucks. No other traffic within sight. Hold your breath and listen: No human sounds intrude.

A vista to the southeast reaches about 78 air miles across the Copper Basin all the way to the Wrangell Mountains. Mount Sanford (16,237’) is the prominent peak on the left while Mount Drum (12,010’) is on the right. In the center is the immense shield volcano of Mount Wrangell (14,163’), which occasionally releases steam. It is the northernmost active volcano on the Pacific Rim. Look for the Denali Highway orientation sign on the south side of the road.

Getting There

Latitude: 63.05198
Longitude: -145.771
Driving Directions