Unnamed Trail Near Sheep Creek



Don’t confuse this unnamed trail with Sheep Creek Trail (which is a relatively flat, three-miler also worth your time). So how do you find the trail head? With your back to the water, it’s to the right of Sheep Creek and the hatchery buildings, to the left of the first house, and at the top of the embankment that leads up to the road. Hike up to the power line (from Snettisham Lake—Juneau is nearly 100% hydropower), cross it, and then follow the trail up. When you get to tree line, head up and the trail may eventually peter out. Keep track of your way back and head to the ridgeline. When you get to the top, look across a deep chasm to Mount Roberts, then turn around and look across the top of Douglas Island to the peaks of Admiralty behind it. This is an amazing view, completely hidden from the road, and known by very few people, even the locals.

Getting There

Latitude: 58.259765
Longitude: -134.323676
Driving Directions