Whether you land a record-breaker or not, the Halibut Derby in Unalaska is a full day’s worth of excitement. Held on a single day in late June or early July, you’ll have just ten hours to land the largest halibut you can – and a $1,000 cash prize is on the line.

Register on derby day at the Carl E. Moses Boat Harbor (starting out at 6 a.m.!) and try your luck in the luckiest of waters. Unalaska Bay has the distinction of being the location where the IGFA Certified All-tackle Pacific Halibut World Record was set in 1996 (with a 459-pound whopper). Could you be the angler to break that record?

The Unalaska Halibut Derby is a good time to try it – and there’s no fee for participating. Land a larger fish (called a “barn door,” “whale,” or “soaker”) and you have a great shot at a derby prize. You may not win anything for a smaller halibut (called a “chicken”), but they do make for tasty eating. Just remember to be back in the harbor by the 4 p.m. deadline. Prizes are awarded according to gross weight of the fish.

Never fished for halibut before? This is your chance to experience what it’s like to fight and conquer some of the largest fish in the ocean. When you reel it in, don’t be surprised by the fact that both eyes are on the same side of its body. And be sure to insist on keeping the halibut cheeks as a unique delicacy when your fish is processed.

Getting There

Henry Swanson Drive
Dutch Harbor, AK 99692
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