You can begin hiking at Mile 231 Parks Highway, on the west side of the road, where there is a small pullout for parking. The trail climbs steeply, and crosses the Alaska Railroad tracks. Then, the trail moderates and emerges from the forest to a grand view of the Nenana River and the Alaska Range looking south toward Windy Pass. From there the trail loops around the ridge and follows a series of three scenic lakes. Eventually, the park plans to build a trail all the way back north, another 7 miles, to the park entrance area. This is a forested walk, although you can divert up the hillside, which is normally covered with wildflowers. This can be a great hike for a picnic with a view. It can also be very wet and muddy, so be sure to wear rubber boots or hiking boots.

Length: 9.5 miles, or as far as you want to go
Elevation gain: Trails climbs immediately, about 400 feet, then gradually descends just a bit, as it leads from lake to lake. Total elevation change is 1,000 feet.
Time: 5 hours one-way

If you want to through-hike the gorgeous, 10-mile-long Triple Lakes Trail, you’d need to have a car parked on either end. As a result, most people skip this highlight. Sheep Shuttle can drop you off in a 14-passenger van on one side and pick you up on the other.

Getting There

Latitude: 63.66021
Longitude: -148.840331
Driving Directions