Trapper Creek-Petersville Trail System



How to get There

The Trapper Creek-Petersville Winter Trail System is located northwest of the community of Trapper Creek. There are several trailhead parking areas along Petersville Road and Parks Highway. Each trailhead and associated trail are listed below:

  • Milepost 121.5 Parks Highway (East-West Express Trail)
  • Milepost 11 Petersville Road (Safari Lake Trail)
  • Milepost 11.5 Petersville Road (Kroto-Bunco Trail)

General Description

A winter trail system consisting of two north-south trails and one east-west route that allow snowmachiners, dog mushers and skiers to travel the area lying north of Petersville Road and west of the Parks Highway. The combined mileage of the trails is over 50 miles. The trails traverse large swamps and Black Spruce forests and are generally wide enough for one snowmachine (3-5’). In some places along the trails the tracks are wide enough for two machines to pass. On clear days the trails offer spectacular views of the Alaska Range and Denali (Mt. McKinley) to the north.

Trail Uses

The Trapper Creek-Petersville Winter Trail System is groomed for winter travel by snowmachines, dog sleds, skiers and skijorers.

*Take note Many local recreational and professional dog mushers use these trails. If traveling by snowmachine be cautious and yield to dog teams. Pull over, shut off machine and wait while dog teams pass.

Getting There

Latitude: 62.315334
Longitude: -150.199585
Driving Directions