Tolovana Hot Springs

This rustic facility with three hot tubs and cabins to rent lies at the end of an epic, 10-mile trek over a 2,300-foot dome with a sweeping vista of tundra hills and forested valleys. The area is over-the-top scenic, featuring the White and Ray mountains, the vast Minto Flats State Game Refuge in the lowlands and, on clear days, the white massif of Denali, 200 miles away. The site is almost legendary as a winter recreation destination, with visitors traveling by skis, snowshoes, dog teams and snowmobiles. Northern lights viewing can be prime. You will feel as though you have captured the essence of Alaska. Reservations or day use fee required.

Skiing or snowshoeing to this remote natural hot springs is one of the classic winter wilderness adventures in Alaska, but can be demanding, depending upon weather and trail conditions. You can also arrange for a snow machine ride, and a Bush airstrip is located nearby. For those prepared for backcountry travel—often following a straight down-and-up route packed by snowmobiles—it’s a unique and invigorating experience. The trail descends 1,150 feet into a valley over its first 2.5 miles, then climbs more than 1,200 feet over Top of the Dome before making another 1,100 foot descent to the hot springs. Getting back to the Elliott requires a return trip over the same terrain. Summer travel involves traversing several miles of boggy ground in the valley. ATVs or mountain bikes are not recommended.

Getting There

PO Box 83058
Fairbanks, AK 99708

The hot springs and cabins are open only to people who have made advanced reservations or paid a day-use fee via Tolovana Hot Spings Ltd. The springs are at the end of a 10-mile multi-use trail off the Elliott Highway, about 104 miles from Fairbanks. From town, take the Steese Highway 11 miles north to the intersection with the Elliott at the community of Fox. The trailhead is about Mile 93.

Tolovana Hot Springs, at the end of a 10-mile trail off the Elliott Highway about 93 miles from Fairbanks. Tolovana is very popular as doable backcountry winter destination that doesn’t involve expensive air charters.

Driving Directions

Tolovana Hot Springs