If you're hiking up to Kennicott from McCarthy and would like a 1- to 2-hour diversion, the toe of the glacier is it. There are some amazing mountain views, and a good chance you'll see a unique movement of nature involving rock, ice, and glacial silt. When you're here, imagine yourself back in the early 1900s: McCarthy was a boomtown, and this land was completely covered by ice. That's obviously changed, and the current lake will likely be 10 times the current size in another 20 years. Watch the ice melt for just 20 minutes and you'll understand the rapid rate of change. To get here, take the left at the latitude/longitude fork and walk a few minutes until breaking out of the forest. From here you can keep walking toward the face of Kennicott Glacier.

Getting There

Latitude: 61.44209119
Longitude: -142.9002643
Driving Directions