Known in town as "The Toe," this area—the toe of the glacier—is a large open space at, yes, the toe of the glacier. It's also relatively hidden, so you won't find many people here. What you will find: a lake that's formed below the ice, the spectacular display of rocks falling off the ice into the water, and, sometimes, a party or concert (an abandoned flatbed truck serves as the stage). There's also space for camping—even a Park Service bear box for food storage. (Get camping info at the NPS kiosk on your left as you enter town or at the visitor center in Kennicott.) So how do you find this place? Keep an eye out for a beaten path on the left within 100 yards of passing the swimming hole (or after crossing the second footbridge). If you reach Clear Creek crossing under the road, you've gone just too far. Coming from McCarthy, the path will be on your right soon after passing Clear Creek. Once you get through the woods it will open up and you'll have lots of choices for walking. As you move towards the mountains on the right side of the glacier you'll see an old road that will lead you back to the wagon road, and the road to Kennicott or McCarthy (stay right to get back to McCarthy).

Getting There

Latitude: 61.43795703
Longitude: -142.9277945
Driving Directions