Thimbleberry Lake-Heart Lake Trail


1 miles



This is a popular trail for cyclists, families, and swimmers! Yep, on sunny days this is one of the warmer spots to take a dip. That’s because the small lakes warm up in the summer (relatively…if you’re from Florida you might disagree). The trail can be accessed using public transport, and cyclists can even mount their bike on the bus. A local bike shop does a tour here, and if you come back down Blue Lake Road there are some fun, steep sections.

Most of the hike is under power lines, but they aren’t oppressively noticeable. It’s a nice walk for families because it’s relatively short, there are nice stream views, and the lakes have decent fishing. There’s a fishing/swimming platform at Heart Lake. The Community RIDE bus serves the trailhead on an hourly basis.

Getting There

Latitude: 57.039
Longitude: -135.2575
Driving Directions