The Big Drive & Hike



Harbor Mountain Trailhead can take you to the summit of Harbor Mountain, but you have to drive up to 1,800 feet. This road was originally built during World War II to provide access for military installations. Be careful: the road is in decent shape, but it’s narrow. From the trailhead/parking area, the trail follows a ridge with great views in all directions. It’s had recent upgrades, so it’s easy to follow and there are rock benches and lookouts for spectacular picnics along the way. At a “Y” in the trail you can choose to go left up to Harbor Mt. (no outlet) or follow the through trail to the right. The wildflower meadows are about 1 hour from the parking lot. It takes another 1-½ to two hours to get to the Harbor Mt. shelter cabin. Turn back from here or hike to town down this steep trail—you’ll need to set a shuttle for this option. Some cab companies will drop you off at the top of Harbor Mt. road.

Getting There

Latitude: 57.09293
Longitude: -135.361909
Driving Directions