Explore Yakobi Island’s lush rainforest on the 8-mile round-trip Takanis Lake Trail (also known as Bohemia Trail). It begins at the mouth of Bohemia Creek and wanders through old-growth forest, past two lakes, and an historic nickel mine from the 1920s and 30s.

You’ll start out on an old gravel road and veer left onto the foot-trail. Climb 500 feet over the course of the trail, up Bohemia Basin and then down to Takanis Lake. Expect to ford streams along the way, so wear your boots. Watch for bear as well.

Getting There

Latitude: 57.9867
Longitude: -136.3781

The Takanis Lake Trailhead is 7 miles northwest of Pelican on East Yakobi Island on the north end of Lisianski Strait at the mouth of Bohemia Creek. You can charter a boat or float plane to get here or rent a kayak in Pelican.

Driving Directions