Snowhook Adventure Guides of Alaska: Snowmobile Tours

Feel the thrill of exploring the Alaskan wilderness while driving your own snowmobile over the tundra, looking for wildlife and taking in amazing views.

A group of people in a row on their snowmobile with a golden sunset in the background.

Spend 2 hours driving your machine. No experience? No problem!

Experience Alaska’s winter beauty with your thumb on the throttle as you pilot a snowmobile over the snowy landscape, led by an expert guide. While cruising along the trails and playing in the powder, you’ll drive to dreamy spots like the Susitna River Basin, which offers amazing views of Denali.

Snowmobile Through the Alaskan Wilderness

Arrive at the kennel in Willow, about 75 miles from Anchorage, and you’ll be greeted by the friendly dogs who have been involved on the dogsledding side of Snowhook. Then you’ll get outfit with the gear you need—everything is provided, from coats and snow pants to boots and gloves. You’ll also get a safety briefing and instructions for operating a snowmobile—it’s not a problem if you’ve never done if before! The machines are easy to operate and very stable.

You’ll do a loop to make sure you’re comfortable on the machine, then, led by your guide, you’ll set off! For around 2 hours, you’ll explore the wilds of Alaska. You may see moose, and you may see dog teams out running. When you get to the Susitna River, the view opens up to a wide panorama and on a clear day you’ll get an amazing view of Denali.

Add to the excitement by taking the Alaska Ultimate Tour, which combines an exciting dogsledding trip with a snowmobile tour and includes lunch!

About Snowhook Adventure Guides

Snowhook’s husband-and-wife owners, Justin and Rebecca, graduated college in Utah and moved to Alaska immediately because they knew they wanted to run sled dogs. They started with just two dogs, doing recreational dogsledding and small races. But their canine family now numbers more than 50—including the dogs that have retired—and Justin has run the Iditarod six times. They’ve been doing tours for several years now and want to share their passion and joy for all kinds of sports in Alaska.

What to Bring

  • Hat
  • Good Base Layers

Getting There

23880 Long Lake Rd.
Willow, AK 99688

Snowhook Adventure Guides of Alaska is roughly 1.5 drive from Anchorage. If you do not have transportation, shuttle service is available for a fee. Please call for details.

Driving Directions

Prices & Dates

Season October - April
Duration 3 hrs - Multi-Day
Rates Snowmobile Adventure Tour // $225, single person machine | $325 two person machine (ride together & save!) | $425 two person machine + snow coach for children ages 4-10 | 3 hrs
Snowmobile + Dog Sledding Combo // $325, single person machine | $600 two person machine (ride together & save!) | 6-7 hrs
Lodge, Snowmobile & Northern Lights Combo // $635 per person | December - April | Overnight
Lodge, Snowmobile, Dog Sledding & Northern Lights Combo // $775 per person | November - April | Overnight
Rate Notes Drivers must be 18 years old. Kids 6+ may ride as a passenger.

Snowhook Adventure Guides of Alaska: Snowmobile Tours