Skyline Drive (Mile 91.55)



If you've ventured this far into the park, why stop here? In this area of the park you are encouraged to use old mining roads and established trails to get around. Skyline Drive takes you up into the Kantishna Hills, providing access to Quigley Ridge and the Wickersham Dome. You will be passing through chunks of private property that were grandfathered into the park so it is best if you don't leave the road until you are on the ridge. Once you top out on Wickersham Dome and Quigley ridge you have numerous routes available. The hiking and views are better if you stay up high althought you can expect to see fewer hikers the further off-trail you venture.

Getting There

Mile 91.55 Denali Park Rd
Denali Park, AK

Mile 91.55 Denali Park Rd

Driving Directions