The Sea Star Cove public-use cabin is located in Tutka Bay, about three-quarters of the way in, on your right, on the south side. The cabin is surrounded by large, old-growth Sitka spruce. By far, this is the best Public Use Cabin in the park, and it has many hiking and kayaking options if used as a base. Make sure you take kayaks or your personal boat if you stay at this cabin. Exploring the local area via watercraft is what this place is all about. Take a short trip via boat to Tutka Bay Lagoon in August to fish for salmon. If you don?t take a boat, there is a small trail system that is enjoyable. The cabin has basics like an outhouse and woodstove.

BE AWARE: Mooring Buoy has been removed

Getting There

Latitude: 59.432564
Longitude: -151.38334
Driving Directions

Sea Star Cove Cabin