Salmon Lake Campground

Heading north, an access road on your right leads to a lakeside campground that is maintained by the Bureau of Land Management. It has a sandy beach, picnic tables, barbeque pits, a trash bin, and a restroom that is open during snow-free months. There is no running water. Bluethroat frequent the area. Red-necked grebe, red- throated loon, long-tailed duck, and red-breasted merganser populate the lake in summer. Midpoint along the banks of the lake is an abandoned village site. The northern-most run of sockeye salmon return here to spawn in mid-August. Mew gulls and glaucous gulls come to feed on spawned-out salmon, as do red foxes and the occasional grizzly bear. The
best time to see a bear is in the early morning or late evening. Look for their tracks in the sand.

Getting There

Latitude: 64.92077
Longitude: -164.98143
Driving Directions