Saddle Trail


1 miles

Elevation Gain

391 ft.



The trailhead is in Halibut Cove In conjunction with the Grewingk Glacier Lake Trail, this is the most heavily traveled trail in the park. Usually, people hike the Grewingk Glacier Lake Trail, hang out at the lake and hike the Saddle Trail back to Halibut Cove for their water taxi pickup. Depending on the weather at the Glacier Spit Trailhead though, one might have to hike to and from Grewingk Lake from this trail because of crashing waves on the spit. Either way, this trail is a means to an end, you get to go to Grewingk Lake, and there are no redeeming features about it. It was recently rebuilt on the Halibut Cove side so it is not as steep and not as many switchbacks. One highlight of this trail is that it can be very good for berry picking, especially blueberries and salmon berries. If this trail is picked out, head down the Lagoon Trail where it should be even better.

Getting There

Latitude: 59.601384
Longitude: -151.165051
Driving Directions