The yurt is removed from the state park campground, on the left side of the beach back about 50 yards and very private. The yurt is tucked back against a rock wall and is not visible from the beach. There is tall forest with minimal undergrowth along the back of the beach. There is a beautiful large fire ring at the top of the beach with a view of the bay.


The yurt has 4 bunks that can sleep 2 friends. There are 4 inch foam mattresses and a wood stove. There is an outhouse and a pulley for food storage provided. There is basic safety equipment and an ax and a saw. There is a1 burner propane stove. Bring propane, the small 1 lb bottles.




On Kachemak Bay with views toward Halibut Cove, at the base of the Glacier spit.


The yurt is on the Left side of Right Beach facing the beach. Its tucked back away from the water under tall trees. There is water available in the camp ground on the right side of the beach but it must be boiled for 12 minutes.


The yurt is accessible by water. The access is best before and after the day breeze. There is significant wave action on the beach during the day breeze from 11 am to 7 pm approx. the beach is rocky with small gravel. It is not possible to get on or off the beach with out a boat at middle to high tide. At low tide there is access to the Glacier Spit trail system but bring a tide book! It is a fairly short Kayak to Halibut Cove.


The yurt is located in tall forest with minimal undergrowth up against a rock wall there are small caves and rock climbing in the area. the beach is steep and gravel but there is a level field at the top with a large fire ring. The view is over the Kachemak Bay past Halibut Cove towards Homer.

Special Features

There are rocks to climb and open areas or explore, there is access to Glacier Spit and the trails when the tide is mid to low. There is no access off the beach or on to the beach at high tide. The landing is only during clam times not during mid day breeze.

Season Of Use

May to October

Managing Agency

Alaskan Yurt Rentals as permitted by the Alaska State Park system.

What To Bring

Bring WATER. There is water coming in the State Park camp ground spring but it must be boiled for 12 minutes to be potable. Bring your own cooking utensils, sleeping bags, cooking stove, lantern, pots, pans, plates, utensils, food, garbage bags, and fire starter. There is wood around but it can be very wet and it makes sense to bring dry kindling and paper from town.

Getting There

Latitude: 59.6075
Longitude: -151.1878
Driving Directions


Right Beach Yurt