Primrose Ridge - Good Wildlife Viewing, Wildlflowers & Hiking (Mile 16)



This informal hiking area begins at the Primrose rest area and heads up a gentle ridge until you reach the bench, which provides panoramic views of the park. Wildflowers are abundant in this area and usually peak between July 20 and August 10. The area gets its name from the Primrose, a pretty purple flower that has only been found here in the park. You also have a good chance of discovering several varieties of birds, including the rock ptarmigan, lesser golden plovers, surfbirds, snow buntings, and long-tailed jaggers. Jaggers can be aggressive if humans or other animals get too close to a nesting location. While being dive-bombed by one of these critters may be unnerving, they are not large enough to harm humans so simply retreat if you find yourself in a confrontation.

Getting There

Mile 16 Denali Park Rd
Denali Park, AK

Mile 16 Denali Park Rd

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