Pier One Theatre is possibly the best community theatre in America or the world. Every summer, "actors" (just ordinary residents who are brave and talented enough to get on stage), perform classics and some new plays at the Pier One Theatre on the Spit every weekend.

Lance and Barbara Petersen are the originators and soul of this great asset. In addition to summertime performances, in collaboration with the high school drama and music departments, Pier One Youth Theatre stages numerous outstanding plays at the high school's Mariner Theatre year round. Included are the classic Christmas play "The Nutcracker Suite" and many more. A summer theatre camp introduces the joys and skills of performing to many young people. Using their newly acquired skills, they perform a variety show, with new young directors in charge.

It is at least partially thanks to this annual training that Homer abounds in acting talent. It also helps explain why so many people here write plays that are then produced and staged at Pier One Theatre.

Getting There

3858 Homer Spit Road
Homer, AK 99603
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Pier One Theatre