Photo Credit: Frank Churchill Jr.

Some 40-50 rock etchings, possibly 8,000 years old, can be spotted here above and below mean high tide. The concentration of carvings is unmatched in Alaska and in few other places in the world. There is some belief that the petroglyphs pre-date the Tlingit Indians of this area, one of the factors that make the meanings of the etchings inscrutable. They may have marked an important fishing site or settlement. Replicas of designs can be found on a walkway there for visitors to make rubbings; preserving the surfaces of the original etchings. For the best photographs, wait for soft evening light, when the rocks are wet. Located on Grave Street, at the end of Fifth Ave.

Getting There

Grave St.
Wrangell, AK 99929
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Petroglyph Beach State Historic Site