Nome’s softball fields can get muddy, but that doesn’t slow anybody down. Softball is a passion here, with this small community fielding up to five teams for women and six for men. This type of game has long been part of Nome’s tradition. In its earliest days, mining and dredging companies sponsored teams and a baseball field was built. The tundra was scraped away and then covered with burlap bags. Dirt and grass seed followed, along with bleachers and electric lights. Some teams even went on national tour, representing the far north quite ably.

Today’s softball teams are frequently made up of community members who have some competitive college sports in their backgrounds, and the adult leagues give them a chance to stay in shape and indulge in some friendly but spirited competition. With summer days getting longer and longer as the weeks go by, the games can also go on well past midnight, too.

To catch a game, call the Nome Visitors Center to find out the schedule. The softball fields are located east of Nome Recreation Center between 6th Avenue and Nome Bypass Road.

Getting There

Latitude: 64.500809
Longitude: -165.392336
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