According to folklore, the tradition of the Mt. Marathon Race began when two sourdoughs argued about the possibility of climbing and descending the mountain in less than an hour. “Impossible” one said. To settle the argument, and the resulting wager, a race was held, with the loser to furnish drinks for the crowd. At the same time, enterprising merchants put up a suit of clothes and other attractions for the winner and proposed the race take place on a holiday – why not the 4th of July? The optimistic sourdough lost his bet. The winning racer took one hour and two minutes.

Official records disclose that the Mount Marathon Race® actually began as an organized run in 1915 and has since become a regular part of the Independence Day celebration in Seward. Over the years, this home town historic event has drawn increased participation and resulted in new milestones. 54 women finished the first-ever women’s race in 1985, juniors began logging their age-group records in 1994, and 2005 heralded the beginning of the “staggered start” for the senior races. The popular Mini Marathon race starts them out young – toddling just a few feet to victory!

This race may be just 3 miles, but it involves a grueling climb and descent of Mt. Marathon—3,022 feet above sea level—and includes navigating cliffs, steep inclines, and slippery loose rocks. Helmets and kneepads are recommended. If you want to be competitive, don’t get distracted by the spectacular view from the top!

Getting There

Latitude: 60.118251
Longitude: -149.504128
Driving Directions

Mt. Marathon Race