Mosquito Cove Trail



Difficulty: Easy to Moderate, with log & rock steps

Distance: 1.25 miles

Elevation Gain: Less than 500ft

Type: Loop

This beautiful trail is part of an extensive local system of trails and boardwalks. It’s popular with locals and state ferry travelers, since it can be linked via trail to the ferry terminal, the Forest and Muskeg Trail, and the Estuary Life Trail. Following the shoreline, the trail offers great views of this dynamic coastline. You’ll start by climbing through a forest of hemlock, Sitka spruce, and Alaska yellow cedar. The trail then descends and opens to the shore at Mosquito Cove, where you’ll have great views of the water and the rocky intertidal area. Russian-era charcoal operations created a temporary swarm of mosquitos here, but they no longer inhabit the area. You’ll pass several outcroppings of rock called Sitka Greywacke, a common sedimentary rock. The trail follows the shoreline of Starrigavan Bay and loops back to where it began.

Features: Kid Friendly

Getting There

Latitude: 57.1332
Longitude: -135.3664
Driving Directions