Moose Viewing near the Chena River and Fairbanks

Thousands of moose forage in the river valleys surrounding Alaska’s Interior city, but can it can be challenging to catch sight of one on demand, especially during the green season. The paved Chena Hot Springs Road runs about 60 miles up the Chena River valley to the hot springs resort and probably offers the best shot at catching a moose in their element.

Where Will You Find The Most Moose?

Take Chena Hot Springs Road past Mile 15, where the road begins cruising past sloughs, wetlands and creeks that draw moose into the open. The road parallels the river through Chena River State Recreation Area after about Mile 25-26, with many pullouts and direct access to excellent wildlife habitat. Try driving slowly early or late in the day through the recreation area while scanning open areas for moose, or take a stroll into a wetland zone or into open country. Inside Fairbanks, your best chances of spying a moose will come as you explore the city’s greenbelts and trails, especially near fringe habitat between wet areas and forest. Trails on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus might be the best bet.

Recommendations From State Biologists:

  • Flat Creek Slough at about 26.5 mile
  • Slough Lake at Mile 28
  • Hodgins Slough at 29.5 mile
  • Mile 42 ponds
  • Mile 45 slough

For More Information:

Getting There

Chena Hot Springs Road
Fairbanks, AK 99712

Fairbanks is Alaska’s main Interior community and transportation hub, located about 360 highway miles north of Anchorage on the Parks Highway. To drive Chena Hot Springs Road, take the Steese Highway on the east side of town about five miles to the north.

Driving Directions