You may have been to an immersive show, but you haven’t visited anything quite like LumaLim—an augmented reality experience in downtown Anchorage inspired by the famed northern lights. This merging of art and technology offers visitors of all ages a truly unique way to feel the essence and magic of the aurora borealis any time of year!

Aurora Everywhere You Look

Your immersion into this augmented reality show (it’s not virtual reality, so no goggles are involved) begins immediately, with a rainbow of dancing colors projected on every wall and the floor. These are no mere projections: Thanks to motion sensors, the colors respond to your movements, making you a part of the experience. Sounds change as well, and different areas of the exhibit trigger different sounds: over here, the sound of a didgeridoo; over there, the melodies of a xylophone.

Create Light & Music

You can even play some instruments yourself, in an equally immersive way. For example, by tapping on large electric bongo drums, you build up “energy” that charges a solar flare, which explodes down a giant wall toward a projection of Earth and eventually surrounds the planet with a glowing aurora borealis. It’s a stunning and fascinating representation of how nature forms the northern lights.

And don’t miss the unique instrument called a theremin—one of the world’s oldest electronic musical instruments. Move your hands up and down the sensor to change the sound and overhead projections. All the while, you’ll be engaging with others and witnessing the glee on their faces as they jump and dance around to create a unique sound.

Learn About the Aurora

Your lesson in the magic of the aurora actually begins in the waiting area, where you can watch an educational video on this phenomenon. You’ll also find infographics about the aurora throughout the exhibit.

This unique exhibit was born from a collaboration of theater artists, computer programmers, and designers, who use technology to take art to an immersive new level. It’s truly a unique experience for visitors to Anchorage!

Getting There

333 W. 4th Ave
Anchorage, AK 99501
Driving Directions

Prices & Dates

Season May - September
Rates $10 / adult, $5 kids ages 6-12, kids 5 & under are free
Hours 10am - 6pm, Wednesday - Sunday


LumaLim: Aurora Interactive Art Experience