Lower Troublesome Creek Trail



Difficulty: Easy

Distance: 0.5 miles

Elevation Gain: Less than 500ft

Type: One Way

This trail follows Troublesome Creek .3 miles down to where it enters the broad, glacial gravel bar of the Chulitna River. Marvel at the Ent-like Grandaddy Cottonwood, just five minutes down the trail. The trail's end has been swept away by floods, so it can be confusing, but the adventurous can keep going onto the Chulitna's gravel bar to look for wildlife, tracks, or views of Denali. The large-leaved plants along the trail are Cow Parsnip and cause a severe rash in some people. Bring your fishing rod on this route because the creek is a really good place to do some fishing!

Features: Kid Friendly, Skiing, Running

Getting There

Latitude: 62.6272
Longitude: -150.235
Driving Directions