Lowe River Access Trail



There are only a few places where you can spend time along the Lowe River without the sound of cars and motor homes—this unmarked turnoff is one of them. From here you can explore a little bit upstream and find a nice place to relax next to the river. And the only people you may see are local rafters, as this is used as a pickup spot after floating through Keystone Canyon.

Just one warning: don’t fall into the water! Alaskan water temperatures can send you into a hypothermic state in a matter of minutes. Dip a toe in the river and you’ll understand why. You may hear a story about a local guy who swam the Lowe River through Keystone Canyon. It’s true, but this was no casual swim in a Speedo—he was wearing a full dry suit and a helmet.

Getting There

Latitude: 61.05782329
Longitude: -145.9213543
Driving Directions