Locals say that "where the road ends, the adventure begins," and the McCarthy Road (an adventure in itself) abruptly ends at the Kennicott River. This is a glacially-birthed torrent, and the best place to watch the action is from the footbridge. Pick a spot on the river's edge and watch the water rise and fall. Listen for the rocks pushed along under the surface. And gaze up at the mountain, with its stunning backdrop of the Kennicott Glacier and Stairway Icefall. Take a stroll along the river, or even spend the night: there's camping along the river and in the adjacent forest. And if you're here in July, you may just see icebergs roll under this bridge: the bursting of glacially-dammed Hidden Creek Lake, some 10 miles up the Kennicott Glacier, brings these huge chunks of ice downriver for 24 to 36 hours, usually sometime that month. It's the highlight of the season.

Getting There

Latitude: 61.433895
Longitude: -142.941077
Driving Directions