Kake 4th of July Celebration

Kake’s residents were the first Alaska Natives to become U.S. citizens, when the community incorporated under Federal law in 1912. Celebrating Independence Day is a big deal here, with the whole community showing up for good food, good fun and grand fireworks.

The scene is all red, white and blue, as people dress in the spirit of the day and gather on Front Street for the parade. Kids eagerly anticipate candy, and the floats are typically fun and creative. (Recent winners mounted a big seahawk on top of their car, in honor of Seattle’s football team, a big fan favorite here in Alaska.)

Food vendors line the street, selling their goodies. Participants gear up for eating competitions, and biking and running events, including a 5k race. The day is capped off with a fireworks display that is pretty impressive for such a small community.

Getting There